What Is a Consignment Sale?


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Stepping foot inside our sale is like shopping at 300 sellers/cosigners all under one roof. We accept cash, check and CREDIT CARDS!

Shopping for infant, children’s, pre-teen and maternity items? Why buy new when you can get like-new items for a fraction of the cost? AND tax-free!


What Do We Sell?


We specialize in gently-used infants, children’s, pre-teen and maternity clothing, toys, feeding & diapering essentials, baby & nursing equipment, furniture, décor, bedding, CDs/DVDs, books, educational materials, bikes, strollers and more!


What Should You Expect?


  • A crowd! If you arrive at opening time on Saturday, you’ll find that there’s a line of shoppers waiting to get in. So dress for the weather!
  • Next, expect to find LOTS of things that catch your eye! Bring a laundry basket or wagon with you to hold your items. Some shoppers even bring rolling garment racks!
  • If you’re shopping for a particular item (a crib, for example) head to that area first. Large items go quickly! (We’ll post a floor layout soon, so you can begin your strategizing!) We have renewed our Big Ticket item policy and we will no longer hold items for shoppers. Once you decide that you would like to purchase a large item such as a crib or stroller you will need to pay for those items before you continue shopping in the gym.
  • There are no fitting rooms at our sale. Measure your child/ children before you come to the sale and keep those figures handy.
  • Bring a tape measure to the sale with you, and you can check clothing measurements to ensure a good fit!
  • All items are sold as-is.
  • All sales are final. So check your items and make your final selections before you get to check-out! Anything that you don’t want goes back to the floor. This is also true for other shoppers, so check the racks one last time before you go to check-out!


Will Everything Be On Sale During The 50%-off Sale?


No. Barcoded tags will read “No Discount” if the consignor only wants the item sold for full price.


Do You Allow Shoppers To Bring Children And Strollers To Your Sale?


Absolutely! We’ve even made a special effort to improve the floor plan to accommodate for LOTS of strollers! We do ask that you allow your children only to “test-drive” toys under your direct supervision. The toys at the sale are all consigned items, available for purchase, but not as entertainment for children.